Jetson Nano does not boot after fixing broken packages

Hello! I had some problems with some unrelated packages that had problems, but while fixing them I accidentally removed a nvidia-jetson package (I don’t remember the exact name), and now if I try to boot, I get this popup:

After i click “Okay”, I get the Nvidia logo and the a black screen. Also, I can still connect to my machine through NoMachine and I still have internet connection, I can move the cursor around but that’s about it. I have also tried opening the terminal with ctrl+f1, ctrl+f2, ctrl+alt+f2 etc. to no avail.

I would like, if it would be possible, to fix this issue without doing a clean install. Thank you!

Serial console might still have access. If not, then you’ll probably have to flash again (assuming this is an SD card model, then probably just another SD card would work). Serial console tends to survive a lot that other methods don’t survive (ssh might still work if you use wired ethernet). Serial console might offer a way to change packages.

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