Problems with jetson nano

Hello,I installed the image on the sd card and made the first start of the system and then configured it. Go download and jetson nano is turned off,but more the system does not turn on.

Hi Ivan, do you see a green LED when the board is powered on?

What was downloaded after you did the first boot and initial configuration? If it was an apt upgrade, perhaps one of the display packages got replaced with an incompatible version.

I would try re-formating and re-flashing your SD card and see if that brings the system back.

Yes, I re-formating and re-flashing the sd card, but nothing has changed. And Yes the green led would light up

Are you able to try a different SD card, and do you get any kernel debug messages from the serial terminal?

Hi ivanborovskoj,

Have you managed to get Jetson Nano boot up successfully?
Any result can be shared?

Hi kayccc,

I have a jetson nano (P3450 ) and I’m using windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04. I follow all steps like web site Nvidia (using balena and nv-jetson-nano-sd-card-image-r32.4.2b)… When attached microsd into the jetson nano on the screen appear only Nvidia logo and stay it there… nothing more. I flashed various micro sd in windows and ubuntu (using balena) but the result is the same.

I downloaded SDKManager on ubuntu and I flasing various microsd but the same result… The Jetson nano still on nvidia logo. I can’t to continue to create my login user

Finally I can bought TTL to USB converter cable and I use the tututorial by JetsonHacks The Serial Console is a great debugging aid for connecting your NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit… So you can see my results with this method.


What’s on the console when you reboot the Nano?

Hi MtHiker,
Look at this:

if you can… Watch this:

The left is console of Nano probably and does not show anything, isn’t it?

My Jetson Nano Dev. kit(A02) outputs as follow:
nano_log.txt (5.5 KB)

I’ve cut logs from cboot

you’re right! It doesn’t show anything…


Jetson Nano would display any text on the serial console, even Ubuntu boot-up fails.
If it does not have any physical damages, SoC internal codes should run.

You’d better change the carrier board to another one.