Updated Ubuntu, now getting a black screen on start up

New to working with the Jetson Nano 2GB Dev Kit and upon launching and doing all of the initial configurations, I was prompted with the option to update Ubuntu. The installation seemed to go smoothly, and I was notified that I needed to restart the system for everything to finalize. Upon restarting, I was greeted with the Nvidia logo, a brief error message, then I was booted out to a black screen.

I can still access Ubuntu through Ctrl + Alt + F1. I have the error message below:

I have tried rebooting but I still get the error. I can also run the GUI version of Ubuntu, but I can’t get back to the original desktop with the electric green wallpaper with Chromium and all that good stuff. Do I need to reflash my microSD card, or is this fixable without reflashing? Thank you!

Please re-flash the SD card image and not do the Ubuntu update.