Jetson Nano does not display

I bought a 7" ingcool display (7IP-CAPCD) got it connected to the Jetson Nano 4GB… the quality was poor, even with the power supply connected…I went back to my other monitor (which was perfectly ok before using the ingcool one) but now it does not display anything. I went back to the 7" and it works but again the quality is very bad. I have tried to change screen setting going back and forth between the two monitors but nothign gets display in the large monitors (where I had it working fine before), can someone help me with this?

Hello @juceroda and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I am sorry to read that you have issues with your Jetson Nano. I am sure that the Jetson community will be able to help you! For that reason I took the liberty of moving your post to the correct category.

I wish you success with your project!

There might be something with the EDID.

Areyou running the test with the Jetson Nano power on?
Could you connect the display first, then power on the device to see if it can work?

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