Can't display in large screen

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I bought a 7" ingcool display (7IP-CAPCD) got it connected to the Jetson Nano 4GB… the quality was poor, even with the power supply connected…I went back to my other monitor (which was perfectly ok before using the ingcool one) but now it does not display anything. I went back to the 7" and it works but again the quality is very bad. I have tried to change screen setting going back and forth between the two monitors but nothign gets display in the large monitors (where I had it working fine before), can someone help me with this?

I turned off the Nano before switching to other screen and turned back on again but it shows nothing on the larger screen.

By the way, the small screen works fine high quality when I connect to my desktop, so I know the screen is fine.


What resolution was running on such small panel ?

Resolution is 1280x720, it is a 7" screen, but again when I connect the screen to my personal computer, it recognizes it well and display well everything. The problem is the Nano and the Nano is not displaying well on a larger screen.


I feel it is hardware side problem. Do you have other jetson nano modules on your side to validate?

Also, is it custom board or devkit?

It is a dev kit, and no I do not have another one. The one i have cost me over 300 bucks,

Could you attach it to the “large “ HDMI you’re talking about and share me the dmesg and Xorg.0.log?

How do I get it? when i connect to larger display it does not show anything, the display is black. Thanks

You can either use serial console (recommended since it can log to the host PC and you don’t need to transfer logs from Jetson to PC before adding to the forum) or ssh (and the file copy command for remote Jetson to local PC is “scp <address at Jetson> /var/log/Xorg.0.log” (or also can create a dmesg log via "dmesg 2>&1 | tee dmesg.txt).

Thanks, this is going to take me a while as i do not have the TTL cable.

Actually, you can just try to find a workaround for how to dump log by thinking more…

For example, you said one of your monitor is able to see the screen, but with bad quality… Anyway, if you are able to check the IP of device from bad quality situation, then you can ssh to the device with another ubuntu host…

Generally, changing a monitor will not affect the IP… thus, you can change the monitor and you can still remote access the board even under the situation when you see nothing on the HDMI monitor…

Did not think of that, I’ll try and let you know, THX!

Well, what do you know with the small screen is given me issues as well. Now when I reboot the system, it goes until it ask me for the password, I enter it and then the screen goes black. this is very frustrating.

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
If still need the support, please open a new topic. Thanks

How about you just try to reflash the board with sdkmanger first before your ttl cable arrives?

Also, jetson nano devkit has DP port on it too. Have you tried the output from DP port instead of HDMI ?