Jetson nano external Drive problems

Hi guys,

Im hoping you can help me, Ive currently got a Jetson Nano that Ive repurposed as an NVR running shinobi NVR software.

I have it recording to a WD purple drive (in its own powered enclosure) in headless UI-less mode, the nano is also powered by an barrel power supply suggest via this forum and not USB powered.

Ive setup the drive to auto mount to the nano when ever it boots and it does work, I can restart my nano and it will auto mount the drive to the correct folder.

The problem I have is after about a week the nano decides to auto UNmount the drive for some reason, I am assuming its some kind of time out?

Well obviously when this happens shinobi stop recording and its streams die as a consequence of it using FFMPEG so I have to restart everything. rendering it useless as an NVR.

I know it unmounts the drive because ive ssh’d and also used the nanos desktop to check if I can access the drive and I cannot, I have to manually remount it, or restart it.

So my question is, is there a way to stop this behavior? or is it inherit to the nano?


It almost sounds like a problem with the drive itself, but it could be a lot of things. What format is the external drive? You could try another. NTFS has some issues in Linux in general, for example. How did you set up the auto-mount? Something could be wrong with the setup there. You say the enclosure is powered, so the issue could be it’s power supply. Do you have another hdd power supply to test with (they tend to all be the same, but make sure to check before you power it on). Those are a few ideas. If I think of any more i’ll post them.

Running a

dmesg -T

from the command line can tell you a lot about what happened and when.

Hi mdegans,

Im not with the drive at the moment but I think its fat format? I also modified the fstab file and added in my drive to that. Ive also been monitoring the power supply and I cant seem to see any faults with it. the plot thickens.

Hey gtj will this work even if its been recently rebooted? ill try it tonight when im home.

Nope. You can see what’s in /var/log and you may find what you are looking for. kern.log and company (.1, .2.gz, etc…) could possibily have some clues. Gtj is right and the culprit is most likely in there, but given this only happens about once a week, it migth be worth it to wait until it happens again and look for that time in the logs, based on the last camera timestamp, rather than go back through what, in my case, is hundreds of megs of logs. If you have the approximate time already, go for it. Each line is timestamped.

Fat shouldn’t have any issues, but just to make sure, what does the line in your fstab look like? If you have tried another power supply and ruled that out already, I would suspect the drive itself.

More things to try: another usb port, another cable.

hey, currently I would love to know how to attach and the image to an external drive and have it as the storage. How did you find out how to do that, because the eMMC storage is not enough?
Thank you.