Jetson NANO fail to reboot and SD card corrupted

After boot from a new image, I done all initial configuration, all seems working well, but at reboot, I have a problem. Jetson Nano is not able to boot completely and report errors.

After waiting a lot of minutes the try to solve errors, I’ve removed the power supply After that, the SD card seems corrupted.
To be sure there aren’t supply problem, I’m moved to 4A connector with a good power supply, but the behavior was not changed.

Some suggestions?


There are many things which can go wrong, so it is hard to say without a log of the boot. You could provide a serial port log of boot, but unless you have something you wish to save, then the time might be better spent creating a new SD card to boot from as a test. In case you are interested in serial console, see:

One thing to know is that sudden power loss or crashes can corrupt the filesystem. In most cases the journal will recover the filesystem and prevent actual corruption, but when that happens you lose some of the filesystem content (whatever was not yet written and verified by journal is lost). You can also verify the filesystem from another Linux PC. The name might change depending on what is connected to the PC, but if your SD card is not mounted (having the card in the slot does not cause mount, but in many cases automount software may try to mount an SD card). If you insert the card to the PC, and it is not mounted (run “lsblk -f” and you’ll get an idea of what is mounted where). Assuming the rootfs partition of the SD shows as “/dev/mmcblk0p1”, then this will check the filesystem:

sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p1

Problem is version of sd card image. Try your initial version.