Jetson Nano is not working

Hi all. I have a problem, Jetson is not turning on. I used a PCA9685 shield, and closed contacts 5v and gnd at shield. After that jetson turned off. Anyone, can help me to find a problem, what happened and if it possible how to repair Nano?

The board can’t power on without PCA9685? If so, it looks like something broken on board, might need RMA for it.

no, no, no. Jetson cant power at all. I mean, i am giving him power, from dc-dc converter, but after ≈30 seconds jetson is turning off, and while booting Jetson doesn’t give me an image on screen

You mean power jetson without anything attached and it will turn off after ~30s, right? If so, still looks like something on jetson board broken, you might need RMA it.

no, the problem was in power supply, but after 30 seconds jetson takes at least 9A!My dc-dc converter can handle it, but when current is high it becomes shine red

and is there a services in Rostov-on-Don? or in russia? and how can i return Jetson?

How did you purchase it? You can contact supplier first.

i bought it on official site Nvidia

Hi Rexsell,

Have you tried to flash the Jetson Nano through the SDK manager?

Nope. But problem is that on booting Jetson takes ~9A! It is not ok, to my mind. But, i will try, thnx. And is it possible RMA in my case?

Hi Rexsell,

If till looks like something broken on your Jetson, please RMA it, see

I have a same problem, It is not turning on. I used a 5v/5A power supply and after that jetson turned off. How can i solve this problem.

I found the problem. The stabilizer burned, when i will found new one - one contat you to tell more information