Unable to boot up the Jetson nano dev board

Hello, I purchased a Jetson nano development board few days back. The power adapter I used to power up the Jetson nano was rated 5V 5A using barrel connector. After using it for 3 days, the Jestson nano now doesn’t turn ON.
I tried changing the adapter and used another 5V 4A rated power adapter using barrel connector.
I also tried using a micro USB 5v 2A power supply after removing the jumper J48.
The board still doesn’t turn ON.

Thank you

Hi, can you see any log info output during power on? Is it possible to check the input current? If no log, no current change, it might be broken somewhere, you will need RMA for it.

Hello, thanks for responding.

There are no logs shown.
Measured the current and its drawing 1.70A at 5v constantly.

Looks like some components broken, please run RMA for it.