Jetson Nano MCP 2515 + MCP2551 CAN Communication

Hi all,

I am trying to interface 1 mcp module 8Mhz crystal with Jetson Nano and a microcontroller with CAN Bus working at the other end.i followed the steps below

  1. Generated dtb for mcp using jetson io tool
  2. As the default dtb by jetson nano is for 10 MHz I edited the clock frequency for 8Mhz using Dtc compiler
    3.booted with the new dtb by adding in extlinux.conf file.
  3. Sudo ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000 -brings can to interface.
  4. Another instance of terminal using candump
  5. Can send is not returning any error and candump also shows no values. At one point some junk values came from can dump.

Cat/proc/interrupts shows interrupt on gpio pins.

I have added 120 ohm termination resistance and connections are correct. Iam stuck here since many days. Plse help me to solve this step.

Best Regards

Hi All,
I connected one mcp module(8Mhz) and another microcontroller board with mcp2551 transceiver. In the dtb i used the can clock frequency same as crystal used and i was able to receive the data using can dump. However one situation is that can send will only work after the 2 commands

  1. cansend can0 123#FF
  2. sudo ip link set can0 down
    Only after these 2 steps the data will be received on the microcontroller board. My requirement is i want to receive the data at controller without executing the step number 2(right after step 1).

please suggest possible solutions.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?

Thanks for the reply. Yes iam facing the same issue again
I am able to recieve messages using candump. But when sending messages using cansend can0 123#FF no error is returned but the data is not received at the reciever. even the tx counter inip -d -s link show can0 is high.