Jetson nano shuts off under load/booting with MIPI camera

Hi community,

I have Nvidia Jetson Nano dev board with a Carspa HS-50-5 35W power supply (
J48 is shorted, power mode on 10w, and I’m using the default distribution.
Whenever it boots with the MIPI camera connected, it shuts off after the splash screen.
Second scenario, I execute an inference app on a usb webcam stream and the following happens on JTOP:

  • POM_5V_CPU=1251 | POM_5V_GPU=73 | POM_5V_IN=3317
  • Jetson shuts off.

Is there anyway to debug this? how to figure out if there was a brown out or burn out, or if something else is the case.Please, don’t tell me to buy the Adafruit PSU .

Hi, you can refer to this topic first to get the system power information to check if it is due to the heavy load during power on.