Jetson Nano Startup Application

Hi Nvidia team,
I was trying to set up some startup applications on my jetson-nano device, I used the Startup Applications Preferences and type in as some websites suggested. However, if I close the window and reopen it, all the settings will be gone. Really don’t know what’s happening here.
I noticed if I use: sudo gnome-session-properties , then the settings can be saved, and if I run the command without sudo it won’t save the changes. But even I can save it with sudo gnome-session-properties the application still won’t startup every time I switch on the device.

As shown in the third figure, if I close the window and reopen it, the vino-server is gone

And I can confirm the /usr/lib/vino/vino-server can be run in the terminal

hello luzhaoning,

are you going to setup a remote desktop?
please check the tutorials page for reference.

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