Jetson Nano TX1 delete all of the nvidia package


I’m using Jetson Nano TX1 and accidentally delete all of the packages including ‘nvidia’ and ‘cuda’.
After reboot… nothing is working now like Wireless Connection and ROS. So I can’t download anything using apt-get.

The answer of the following command is ‘command not found’.

sudo ./tegrastats

Also, background image changes to ubuntu default image not a Jetson default image.

What can I do? I want to reinstall what I delete.
Do I have to reset? If I have to What should I do?

Is there any way to use what I’m currently using well again? I don’t have a backup…

You should re-flash the device.

Oh… Thank you!
One more question. I can’t find SDK Manager and also I can’t download program.
I tried a lot but can’t connect Internet.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

I mean how I can use sdkmanager?
I don’t have anything installed related to the SDK manager right now, and I can’t connect to the internet to download it.

You need a Ubuntu host PC for doing this.

I just understand a bit, but I’m really bad as a newbie.

So, is the fact that Ethernet or Wi-Fi isn’t working now unrelated to deleting the Nvidia package? It should work separately from uninstalling the package, right?

And if I reinstall it as you mentioned above, will all the existing files be deleted?

Thank you so much!!!

You have to download SDK Manager from the Internet. Once downloaded and installed you can use it. There are some ways to use it offline if and only if it is already installed to the host PC. Flash will erase everything.

Incidentally, when you install SDKM, it creates a directory somewhere like this:

There is a way to clone a recovery mode Jetson there. This could recovery whatever content exists before you flash. If the root filesystem is on an SD card though, then there is no need, you can just plug the SD into the host PC and copy it rather than cloning.