Jetson Nano video playback is skipping frames

I have a rendered, 10-second video in 4K quality that I am trying to play on my Jetson Nano. However, whenever I open the video in the video player that comes standard on Linux - it plays very choppy and skips frames as it plays. The same issues happens on my Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier. But – when I load the video off a web server, all three systems work fine without any issues and when I load the videos on all the devices using NVGSTPlayer, they load perfectly fine (with the exception of the AGX Xavier which still has issues with the video).

Note: I loaded the video on a separate non-Jetson device running Linux and it had no issues either.

The video I am rendering is a 10-second clip of a much larger video and these issues have me worried about playing the larger video.

It looks like hardware decoder is not used, or the stream exceeds maximum capability.
Please check the developmet guide:
Maximum capability is 4Kp60 120Mbps. Hardware acceleration is enabled in gstreamer and tegra_multiemdia_api. You may also refer to