Jetson nano waterproof case

How do I post pictures, asked the blind man. Lol

I am interested in using this GPU platform as a data acquisition device in the industrial automation arena. Checkingnti see if anyone is interested in a case like the ones I am building.

Small box was prototype. Goal was to make a linux desktop computer with a utility screen in a rugged box, for less than $300. Harbor freight sells these small boxes for $15 usd.
I made the drawings in Rhino3d, but can export to any format. Laser cut files used were CDR format, and are available as well.
I bought a 12v battery, a transformer, and a 50 watt solar kit I hope to integrate, without letting any of the precious smoke out.
This is still work in progress. I still need to mount battery, camera, and a microphone to the device.

Looking for feedback, and willing to share or work together to make something nice.



****Edit, thanks Linuxdev. I added some pictures. I am starting to think this project might be easier for other people if it were 3d printed instead. Cheers!
Also pictured: my other diy project than ran a little pricey. I cannot wait to attempt to control that thing with real-time physics using the nano to collect inputs, compute, and generate a 10v analog that I will feed directly to the servo drives (1.0KW yaskawa ac servos). I hope the floor shakes. ;)

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If you are looking for a waterproof enclosure for the Jetson Nano please check out

Regards, Rapid Proto