Jetson not seen using LSUSB in forced recovery mode

I have a jetson developer kit B01 series. I have some corrupted bootloader code it seems on several units (3). I am unable to get the nvidia jetson to enumerate as a usb device in forced recovery mode which means the SDKManager can’t find the device to reflash it.

Am I missing a step?

Here are the steps I’ve followed:

  • place jumper on J48
  • Short pin FC-REC to GND
  • plug in usb-micro
  • plug in barrel jack
  • remove jumper wire for fc-rec to gnd.
  • type lsusb on linux terminal (Ubuntu 18.04 linux used clean install w/ only sdkmanager).

The steps seem correct. Is the USB cable the one provided by NVIDIA? A large percent of “charger” cables fail (they tend to ignore data wire quality). If this is the provided cable, then try different ports on the host. Also, on the host, monitor “dmesg --follow”, and see if anything new shows up when you plug in the USB cable (have the Jetson already in recovery mode).

So NVIDIA doesn’t provide a USB cable with the developer kits (maddening).

However - I rotated through a few cables - and confirmed that was the issue! A higher quality cable showed up on dmesg --follow

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