Jetson Nx - Black Screen and Continous failure

Hi all, we have a Lenovo SE70 with a Jetson NX (Lenovo Introduces the Powerful and Flexible ThinkEdge SE70 Edge AI Platform - Lenovo StoryHub) run

ning on arm64.

However everytime we install or update the jetpack or Cuda - the server fails and there is a black screen after the list of codes in the image here. Would appreciate some help and assistance here as this has already happened 3 times before

FYI, unless the carrier board is an exact electrical layout match to the dev kit, then you need to use the flash software from the manufacturer. Most of the time that software is just an edited device tree on top of the dev kit flash software, but if you get the wrong device tree, then some parts (including critical parts and non-critical parts) will fail.

Note that JetPack/SDK Manager is just a front end to flashing, and that you can uncheck flashing, and you can uncheck install of optional components to the host PC. You could install CUDA and other packages with the standard JetPack/SDKM without issue, but the actual flash requires that third party manufacturer’s flash software.

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