I can´t turn on my Jetson Xavier NX after shutdown


I was installing CUDA following this tutorial: https://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2020/07/29/install-cuda-11-on-jetson-nano-and-xavier-nx/ and after type: " wget http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/11.0.2/local_installers/cuda-repo-ubuntu1804-11-0-local_11.0.2-450.51.05-1_arm64.deb" I got a memory error. I check my memory using “df” command and I realized there wasn´t memory available. I emptied the trash and the memory was also full so I decided reboot the Jetson. When I turn on the Jetson I can see the following on my screen:

after that, the screen stays black and nothing else happens. The lights are on but the Jetson doesn´t start up.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.


The CUDA 11 hasn’t been supported on Jetson platform yet, I can only suggest to reflash your device with JetPack via SDK manager and install CUDA from JetPack.

Thank you for your response. I’ve seen that the best way to flash is with a PC running Ubuntu 18, but I don’t currently have one. Is there any other alternative? The Jetson has no SD card or SSD disk. Thanks.

So it’s eMMC version, right? Then you need a PC running Ubuntu 18 to reflash it back.


Yes, it is eMMC version.

I finally got a PC running Ubuntu 18, reflashed the Jetson and now it works.

Thank you very much.

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