Jetson nx cannot use triple camera

We use the latest jetson NX mirroring, and then plug in three USB cameras, the driver can recognize video0, video1 and video2, but only two cameras can be obtained through the code, and the third camera cannot be obtained. , What could be the reason? (1.8 KB)

Need USB3.0 interface webcam and 3.0 USB hub to support 3 USB cameras above.

But we use L4T R32.4.3 is no problem, the current version is L4T R32.5.1, using the same camera and carrier board

Or which software information you need, I can provide it here

Does any kernel error message?

Which Hardware are you using? Devkit or Module + Carrier Board?
If using Module + Carrier Board, which partner’s solution are you using? Can you reproduce on Devkit? Thanks.