Jetson NX Module price

I see the dev board listed for $399 (which I purchased) and the arrow price for the module at $479 with no heatsink?

At this point, for our product, I’d rather just buy a large number of dev boards and save at least $90 counting heatsink/fan. (and normalizing for needing an SD card)

Am I missing something here?

The major different for the price is the Jetson Developer Kits is 1 Year Warranty , but The Jetson NX module is 3 Year Warranty ††

Okay, that is good to know. In case I do end up with the module, is the exact heat sink/fan available for purchase anywhere?

Do you know if there are quantity discounts on the module? I only see 1+ on the arrow price breakdown.

Please refer to Jetson Xavier NX Heatsink

AFAIK, it’s 1K units, but for orders of 100+ quantity, you need to talk with your distributor to share forecast and place the order.

Thanks for all this info, very much appreciated.

Additional note: The dev kit warranty is not transferable, but the module warranty is.

Oh! I did not know that. That certainly makes a bigger difference.