Jetson nx ,the system Abnormal operation

jetpack 4.6.1


We made the hardware backplane ourselves, and then ran our own program, but the system crashed inexplicably (if the system didn’t restart, the program process was abnormal). We passed the supervisor daemon, but the supervisor couldn’t check the process status. I checked the system log, but I didn’t finally determine which record caused the exception. Can you help me?
kern.log (777.2 KB)
syslog (1001.3 KB)

If without your program, will the system crash?
What kind of the program you developed?

Target detection and target tracking. At the same time, Java and MySQL are running on it, and the serial port is used

I don’t think it has much to do with my program. It should be a system level problem. If we make new hardware, do we need to recompile the kernel? I don’t know much about the kernel. I didn’t make additional enrollment expansion. The board just leads to one HDMI, two USB, two serial ports, one debugging serial port, etc

Similarly, I also tested that putting the solid state on the board of the kit did not crash

The situation is basically like this. Can you give me some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem? The system log is a little unclear about which record it has to do with

syslog may not able to dump the log in time.

Need to dump the log from uart.

好的,我知道这样操作,今天测试就是这么观察的,没有遇到崩溃的现象,同时想请教一下,MODE 20W cpu有时候使用率100%,这样会不会导致系统不稳定呢

OK, I know how to operate like this. Today’s test is based on this observation. There is no crash. At the same time, I would like to ask if the mode 20W CPU utilization rate is 100% sometimes. Will this lead to system instability

It should not, if there is no thermal problem.


OK, I haven’t encountered this problem since then. I’ll make a record of the debugging port and consult again when I encounter it next time

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