Jetson Orin AGX not booting

I was trying to make pytorch detect cuda, I may have uninstalled some Nvidia packages that shouldn’t have been. I would appreciate your help!
It shows installation failed when flashing 5.1 Jetpack using SDK manager. (184.4 KB)

Hi jay.parikh1,

You need flash JetPack-5.1 image (r35.2.1) first, then start install sdk components.
Suggest you can create new download folder and try again.

How do I flash the file, using sdk manager? Is there a way to flash using sd card? I’ll try it again tomorrow.

I remember trying to flash just linux image without sdk components, I was getting the same error. Please also let me the next steps if this doesn’t work.

Thank you for your help!

Hi jay.parikh1,

You can use SDK Manager to flash image on external device (USB, NVMe…)

If you want to flash on sdcard,
Please follow Linux_for_Tegra/tools/kernel_flash/README_initrd_flash.txt workflow 3 steps to flash image by manually.

Thank you so much for your help @carolyuu ! It is working.

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