Jetson Orin Nano Not Detected by Ubuntu 22 via USB in Recovery Mode

I recently bought a Jetson Orin Nano board and am using an Ubuntu 22 system on x86 hardware (not a VM) as my host. After installing the SDK manager and connecting the board to the host via a certified USB data cable, I noticed that executing lsusb does not list any NVIDIA devices. I have already attempted to enter recovery mode following specific instructions, which involved connecting “FC REC” and “GND” with a jumper. Could anyone provide advice on the steps I should take next? Thank you!

Take a picture of your hardware setup.

Please let me know if you need more pictures. Thank you!

Please let me know if you need more pictures. Thank you!

Please let me know if you need more pictures. Thank you!

Did you plug in the power brick during flashing?

The device wasn’t connected to power when I took the picture. However, during the actual testing, I did connect it, and here’s what the display showed.

Did you connect the power supply while connecting FC REC and GND and then there is something on the monitor? Can you unplug and replug the power barrel to see if that happens again?

I connected the power with FC REC and GND and saw the display output. I’ve unplugged and replugged the power as suggested and got the same results. Here’s the next screenshot I couldn’t upload before due to the limit.

This means FC REC is not properly grounded. When the power barrel plugin with FC REC grounded , the device will not show anything on the display. Maybe you can check the other ground pin? Try to ground sys rst pin while the display is up to see if it reset the Jetson.

Grounding the sys rst pin causes the screen to turn black instantly. Also, unplugging and replugging the power barrel yields no response.

I linked the FC REC pin to another ground and then powered on. At first, the device didn’t react: no fan movement, no display. Timing it, the fan began spinning at 48 seconds and 12 seconds later, the NVIDIA logo appeared onscreen.

You are not supposed to get anything on screen if it’s really in force recovery mode.
Try another jumper or a dupont line should also do it.

I think my jumper is good because “Grounding the sys rst pin causes the screen to turn black instantly.”. Could the development board I have be faulty? Is there anything else I should try before considering a return and exchange?

OK, one more question.
Do you know you should use the USB-C port for flashing instead of USB-A?

This is new to me. I have a USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Cable. Should I connect USB C to the board and USB A to the host, then run lsusb to see if the board is recognized?

So I just noticed that the USB-C port on your board is connected to an disk enclosure…
Any of the four USB-A port won’t give you anything regarding flashing.


Great! After using the USB Type-C port, lsusb is now able to recognize the Jetson board, and the SDK manager can detect the Orin Nano board as well. However, I encountered an issue with the flashing process. Could you please clarify where I should place the microSD card? Should it be inserted directly into the board, or do I need to connect it to the host machine?

Of course directly into the board.

I’ve inserted the microSD card into the board, yet the flashing process was unsuccessful. Could you let me know what specific information or files I should provide to assist with diagnostics? For example, are there particular log files or screenshots that would be helpful?