How to Get Into Recovery Mode

I have an NVIDIA ORIN Nano developer board. How do I put this board into recovery mode?

Here’s what the board looks like:

Hi, please refer to the document about how to enter force recovery mode.

Based on the angle of your picture, there’s a whole line of pins on top of your board (besides the fan). You’d need to get a jumper like this,

and place the jumper across pins stating “FC REC” and “GND”; finally, connects the power jack. Your device will boot up and enter force recovery mode now. To confirm whether you do it correctly, connect your device to a host PC, and run lsusb in a terminal, then you should see something like

Bus <bbb> Device <ddd>: ID 0955: <nnnn> Nvidia Corp.

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If you look between the carrier board and the module, on the side opposite to the large DIMM style connector, see if you can see pins there (they’d be horizontal instead of vertical).

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Here’s a pic from the other angle of the board. I can see the ports you @DaveYYY are referring to. However, they seem to be glorified solder nubs and not pins. Could it be that this board isn’t meant to be jumpered for going into recovery mode?

This board boots from a microsd card. Since I can flash an SDCard directly, maybe NVIDIA is thinking this board doesn’t need to go into recovery mode.

Does this board never need to go into recovery mode since I can remove the sdcard and (re)flash the sdcard directly? Or are there other benefits/features that recovery mode provides?

Actually, the closer I look, I see they are horizontal pins (not glorified solder nubs). Thanks @linuxdev!!

I’ll need to find a jumper that looks like what’s in @DaveYYY 's picture. It looks like I can indeed jumper from “FC REC” to “GND”.

Thanks @DaveYYY and @linuxdev ! I’ll try it as soon as I can get my hands on a little jumper.

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