Jetson Orin Nano Developer kit force recovery not working

I am trying to connect to set my Jetson Orin Nano developer kit into force recovery mode. Following a tutorial, it needs to be in this mode to connect using Ubuntu of my pc. I short the FC REC and GND pins by connecting them with a breadboard. I have read several posts suggesting to use jumper caps, but I do not have any of those.

This has worked before, and worked fine a few days ago. When shorted, the power button would turn off, which I believe means it is in the correct mode. I packed it up to take a break for a few days. Today I went back to it, and it is no longer going into force recovery mode. The power button stays on when the pins are shorted. I have tried checking for a connection on Ubuntu but it does not show up.

Other topics with similar problems said it could be a hardware issue. Is there a way to check this or further narrow down the issue to find a fix?

The recovery button (or pins…some units have a button, others pins) are like the SHIFT key on a keyboard, but instead of modifying letters on a keyboard, it modifies power on and power reset. If you either power on or power reset while that button is held (or the correct pins are shorted…be very certain you are using the correct pins), then let go of the pins/button, the Jetson will be in recovery mode. By themselves the recovery pins do nothing. There is also no purpose in holding the pins shorted for long periods of time any more than holding the SHIFT button down for a long time will help with getting a capital letter on a keyboard. Release the pins/button after power is on via either reset or power up.

I don’t know about the power part, but power should remain on while in recovery mode. The real test is if the correct USB port is connected to your Linux host PC, then this command will show an NVIDIA device:
lsusb -d '0955:'.

0955 is the manufacturer ID for NVIDIA. Different Jetsons will have a different product ID, e.g., the AGX Orin is product ID 7023 (I don’t know what the ID is for Orin Nano, I don’t have one). Does any product show up for manufacturer 0955?

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