Jetson Orin Nano Visual SLAM Tutorial Error

Hi, i’m following through this tutorial.

cd /workspaces/isaac_ros-dev && \
  colcon build --symlink-install && \
  source install/setup.bash

when i run this command at step5,

this error occurs.
fatal error: isaac_ros_managed_nitros/managed_nitros_subscriber.hpp: No such file or directory

I’ve done all required tasks from the document.

I’ve also done git cloning isaac_ros_nitros source from github at /workspaces/isaac_ros-dev/src directory but the error keep occurs.

I am working on Jetson Orin nano, Ubuntu 20.04, ROS 2 Humble and docker.

I am new to Jetson and Nvidia, so sorry for my incapability.
Thank you.

I’ve deleted yolov8 directory and somehow it works

Hi @malslausiv, I’m happy to read that you have fixed your issue.

If you want to use Yolo8 as well, please add all dependencies following the quickstart documentation.

sudo apt-get install -y ros-humble-isaac-ros-yolov8 ros-humble-isaac-ros-tensor-rt ros-humble-isaac-ros-dnn-image-encoder
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