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The host failed to generate an image or even recognize the target hardware at the last step when we perform the image flashing process.

The model numbers of the Carrier board and the core board are P3766 and P3767. P3767 is Jetson Orin NX SOM mentioned in the document “Adaptation and Bring up for Jetson Orin NX” but P3766 can not be found in any documents attached with the Orin NX download center.

How do we adjust our experiment to successfully get the board running?


I’m moving this to the Jetson Orin NX forum for visibility.

Thank you.
My question would be answered better there I guess, right?

The relevant error from the flash script is,

jetson-orin-nx-devkit-16gb.conf: No such file or directory

What version of L4T are you using? I guess that this .conf file is missing in your L4T, it seems.

Please contact with our NVIDIA representative who provided the device before Orin NX release publicly. Thanks

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We have JetPack 5.1 GA release to support Jetson Orin NX device, please find more information from JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer

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Thank you, I will try it out.
Is it possible that the problem might be the NVMe we used? it is a recommended one mentioned on “Jetson_Linux_Release_Notes_r35.2 EA”

What kind of problem are you talking about? Your log says files on your host have something missing.
Previous comments also pointed out that…


After re-set up the Host environment and replacing a recommended SSD the whole process goes fine till the last step shown in the attached picture.
It shows No /dev/nvmen1. Does it mean the new SSD has not been recognized?

Yes, it means this nvme SSD is not able to detect in initrd.

You can use other boot device (e.g. usb drive) to boot up first and see if you could see your nvme drive after this boot.

A USB drive is an option. But I noticed the part number in the recommended patches before running the flash USB SSD command is p3768, which made me confused again. The combination on my hand is p3766 and p3767. Is the p3766 compatible with the p3767 and Orin NX? Do p3768 patches have something to do with p3766?

Hi @zheng1

In the case you would like to flash the USB drive, here you can find an example of How to flash a USB drive for the AGX Orin:

Hope this helps!

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Any requirements for a nvme SSD? A brand new one will work? How about a formatted one? Can a flashed nvme SSD be re-flashed again?

There are 13 steps flashing Orin NX NVMe SSD on the document. Should the Orin NX be connected to the host at step 1 or it will work even after step 12 before starts flashing?

Please be aware that “flashing nvme” or “flashing usb drive” has not much difference. Just one case is usb drive while another one is nvme drive. Flashing steps are similar but you need to change the device from something like /dev/nvme0n1 to /dev/sda1, something like that.

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