Jetson Orin: USB Type C- CC Controller

Hi NV Support Team
For Type C CC controller from user guide orin use I2C to communction with Type C PD controller.
In my customer design we plan to use FUSB303B as CC logic detection with GPIO control.
Can you please check if driver support GPIO communction with Orin for USB Type C.
e.g. Auto change the orient pin to control USB SS mux switch.


I don’t understand your question. It depends on your controller. GPIO of Orin should be used as GPIO only.

I means if I used the PD controller used GPIO not I2C communciton with Orin .
How about the Orin linux drive support it?


That depends on your PD controller, you should handle the driver thing with vendor.

So NV don’t have default GPIO mode drive for reference. Is it Correct ?

What do you mean GPIO mode drive? You can control any GPIO pin of Jetson Orin, but you should handle the external PD controller driver sw.

Got it , Thanks

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