USB Type C without CC pin


I am developing my own board, in which I repeated the USB Type C circuit based on CYPD4226.

But now I’m faced with a problem.
We are going to use our own cable, and the 9 pin IP68 connector. We are going to use this port for debugging and connection the Orin only as a device to PC.
In this case, can I just connect CC to VBUS through 56к resistor?
After all, CC pin in the cable USB C - USB A has the same connection?

If you don’t have the CC lines you just don’t have USB-C, and it doesn’t make sense to use an USB-C controller. Essential things like multiplexing the SS lines and switching between Host and Device won’t work anyway without the whole set of lines.

The correct way is to assume an USB-B connector (your board should act as an usb device) and design the circuit accordingly, even if you are going to use a different connector afterwards.

And: An USB device never supplies power. Only an USB host supplies power. So the whole power delivery circuit of your USB-C controller is also useless. If the USB port is only for debugging the device should also be self-powered and not bus-powered.

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I was going to just be able to connect the Orin to the computer as device. For this i use type C reference circuit in order to have compatibility with software.
In this case, the computer supplies power. CC wire in this case if i’m not mistaken, just pul-up ed to VBUS.