Jetson-Powered Robotic Fireworks Launcher

Happy Canada Day!

Fireworks are always a part of national celebrations, but if you are setting them off, you usually can’t watch, and are at risk of injury. Robots can definitely help with that.

A Jetson Orin is mounted onto a Kuka KR10 and controlling it through ROS and RSI. There is also a ZED2i stereo camera mounted on the end of the arm. The arm can scan the world around it and get a 3D occupancy grid of obstacles. It will use this for future motion plans. The camera will also see aruco markers that denote where the fuse is on each firework.

Now that it knows the environment and the fireworks locations, it can use the PWM pins on the GPIO to drive a small servo. That servo controls a torch lighter, and away go the fireworks!

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