Jetson TK1 flashing:USB device not found Failed flashing ardbeg

Hi everyone,

(Sorry in advance, I am not fluent in English but I’ll do my best!)

I have a Jetson TK1 and I want to flash it with a ubuntu 18.04 .

but i got a problem

i flashing Tegra124_Linux_R21.3.0_armhf

but it always meet one problem

*** PARTITION LAYOUT(20 partitions) ***
[ BCT] BH 0 16383 8.0MiB
[ PPT] UH 0 4095 2.0MiB ppt.img
[ PT] UH 4096 8191 2.0MiB
[ EBT] UH 8192 16383 4.0MiB u-boot.bin
[ LNX] UH 16384 49151 16.0MiB
[ SOS] UH 49152 61439 6.0MiB
[ NVC] UH 61440 65535 2.0MiB
[ MPB] UH 65536 77823 6.0MiB
[ MBP] UH 77824 90111 6.0MiB
[ GP1] UH 90112 94207 2.0MiB
[ APP] UV 94208 29454335 14336.0MiB system.img
[ DTB] UV 29454336 29462527 4.0MiB tegra124-jetson_tk1-pm375-000-c00-00.dtb
[ EFI] UV 29462528 29593599 64.0MiB
[ USP] UV 29593600 29601791 4.0MiB
[ TP1] UV 29601792 29609983 4.0MiB
[ TP2] UV 29609984 29618175 4.0MiB
[ TP3] UV 29618176 29626367 4.0MiB
[ WB0] UV 29626368 29630463 2.0MiB
[ UDA] UV 29630464 30773247 558.0MiB
[ GPT] UH 30773248 30777343 2.0MiB gpt.img
copying flasher(/home/eaibot/t2/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/ardbeg/fastboot.bin)… done.
Existing flashapp(/home/eaibot/t2/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/nvflash) reused.
*** Flashing target device started. ***
./nvflash --bct PM375_Hynix_2GB_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA_924MHz.cfg --setbct --configfile flash.cfg --create --bl fastboot.bin --odmdata 0x6009C000 --go
Nvflash 4.13.0000 started
USB device not found
Failed flashing ardbeg.

i dont know how to fix it
want some help

The TK1 is rather old, so you’ll find it only flashes Ubuntu 16.04 when done.

The missing USB device indicates that a recovery mode TK1 was not visible. This would be via the micro-B USB cable, and the TK1 would have to have the recovery button held down while power is either brought up or cycled (something like the shift key of a keyboard turning a lower case letter into a capital case…recovery used with power up turns power on into power on with recovery mode).

If your host PC shows this with some output, and your TK1 is in recovery mode, then flash should work:
lsusb -d 0955:7140

If you are using a VM on the host side (not supported), then it is likely you’ll need to configure the VM so that the recovery mode Jetson is always provided to the guest o/s even during disconnect/reconnect.

Got it.
I actually thought about the version,but i’m not sure about it.
Thanks so mach.

Sir,now i got a new problem

eaibot@eaibot:~ lsusb -d 0955:7140 eaibot@eaibot:~ lsusb -d 0955:7100
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0955:7100 NVidia Corp. Tegra Device

The port ID is not 7140 , is7100
Do you know how to fix it?

I’ve not seen a 7100 before. The 0955 is the manufacturer ID (NVIDIA), while the second number is the specific product within that manufacturer’s list of products. Someone else may need to answer, but is this perhaps from the “Drive” family and not just a TK1? Or perhaps from a third party board?