Jetson tk1 & PX2

I want to ask about jetson TK1 board. I want to use it as a flight controller, Is that possible?
Also I want to use Matlab to do the modelling and generating a C++ code so Can I use this code on jetson?
If it’s possible to use this board as a flight controller, which kind of Gps, Compass and Gyro can I use with it?
In my Drone I need to change between two modes, quadcopter and fixed wing, is That also possible?

I have another project which is a real and big drone , Can I use PX2 as a flight controller for this type of drone

That’s a lot I can’t answer, but from what I understand Matlab has arm32 support which is what a JTK1 has; going to anything arm64 would be a problem for Matlab. Always check for 32-bit/64-bit ARM support before you pick a board where you intend to use Matlab. I do not know about the PX2, but I suspect it is 64-bit because of the “X” in the name (which would mean no direct Matlab support).

I think a JTK1 could act as autopilot, but beware this is not a hard real-time system…there will be performance burps which may or may not get in the way at times. Often a smaller dedicated ARM-based board is used for controlling the device, and then that is fed with instructions via the Jetson.

I have no suggestions on supporting boards for functions like GPS…I’m sure many people here have done exactly this though, perhaps they have suggestions.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I want to ask you also about TX1 can I use it as a flight controller. I will be waiting for other suggestions because I need the information as soon as possible.

I want to ask you if I can use jetson TX2 as a flight controller.

None of the Jetsons are hard real time…but the performance on a TX2 is so high (even a TX1 is fairly high) that the soft real time might do the job. Someone who has used those for a flight controller might want to comment.