Matlab and Jetson tk1

I’m a computer vision development and I’m testing a lot of different algorith to choose the one the best fit my requirements…a lot of them are implemented in Matlab so i’m guessing if it would be possible to test them on the Jeston TK1 using directly matlab.

Thank you

The closest you will get is Octave. Although some matlab scripts work out of the box, most will require modifications. mex files need to be re-compiled.

Although Matlab coder could be useful, I think your best bet is OpenCV or if you don’t mind paying real money, Halcon. I have Halcon 11 (eval, still waiting for someone else to pay the NRE) runtime on TK1, but HDevelop (which I do have a license) only runs on legacy CPUs (x86_64).

So you think it will be unsane to try install Matlab on this device? I read it uses Ubuntu, so actually I could try to install it and execute via terminal to reduce the payload, but I’m wondering if it could be in any case to heavy…

You would need to recompile from source code (I don’t think this is available). It isn’t just that there is an Ubuntu version…the available version is for x86 architecture, this is ARMv7 architecture.

I think Mathematica is available for ARM (soft float?). You can probably install it in a ARMEL chroot. Trust me, the TK1 is a quite powerful machine even without using the cuda cores. I have done extensive Halcon benchmark. Too bad that Halcon speaks OpenCL not CUDA. I can’t test the GPU.

Sorry to bump an old thread here but I don’t see the conversation happening anywhere else. We have some already-written matlab code which we are deploying and want to port it to the tegra for an embedded application.

Matlab is a commercial application. They would have to provide an ARMv7 hardfloat version. What I see is a 64-bit x86 version under linux, so it will not work directly. Something like a VM would have to emulate 64-bit x86.


How did you get Halcon to run on TK1? If I’m right, TK1 is 32 Bit, and Halcon supports only 64 Bit Linux.

I would really appreciate your feedback!