Jetson TX1 Charging and Sleep pin issue

在OEM的手册中,第11章 Figure 37 看到Recovery 的模式选择管脚分别为button-volup和BUTTON-VOL-DOWN,分别对应FORCE-RECOV#和CHARGING#两个信号。而在Demo板的原理图中,BUTTON-VOL-DOWN按钮对应的是SLEEP信号,请问,到底应该以哪个为准。

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When I saw the OEM datasheet ,chapter 11 Figure 37,there is a Recovery mode which selected by two Pins.
So the datasheet said the two pins are FORCE_RECOV#(BUTTON-VOLUP) and CHARGING#(BUTTON-VOLDOWN).
But in the Demo schematics, Button-VOLDOWN signal is SLEEP#.
SO problem is coming, which signals are Recovery mode select pins?just CHARGING# or SLEEP#?

Hi BillBai,

No conflict here, BUTTON_VOL_DOWN is a ball name of TX1 chip, key S2 (VOL DOWN) on carrier board is a button connected to SLEEP not to BUTTON_VOL_DOWN.

Yes,Thank you for answer my question!