Jetson Tx1 _ Teamviewer Host 14 _ Not working Keyboard and Mouse

Hi. I recently bought Nvidia Jetson Tx1 board.
I am attempting to control my jetson using Teamviewer.

I installed Teamviewer 14 Host. It updates any changes in the Jetson but Keyboard and Mouse input are unable.

I’ve succeeded to use the Teamviewer on ODROID XU4 board but Jetson doesn’t work at all.
Do you have a similar issue that I have? I appreciate you if you answer why It didn’t work on Jetson.


-> Jetpack 3.2
-> Ubuntu LTS 16.04 (64 bit)

Hi chanwooj,

We didn’t try it yet, but it seems the Teamviewer is not available for ARM64 yet, please refer to: