Installing Teamviewer or any similar program on the Jetson

I know you guys will laugh. But I don’t have more options except more than asking for help. I’m just starting with the Jetson. I’d like to install Teamviewer. However, I tried several times, but without any success, the problems is that when I try to install it, the architecture doesn’t match (I had the same problems with other related programs), I know that the Jetson TK1 has a armhf processor, and I’m installing a x86 program. Is there a way to install Teamviewer, or any other program in order to be able to connect to my Jetson trough a Network?

Any help will be appreciated. If further explanation is required, let me know.

If you had source code you could likely just recompile. I don’t think teamviewer source code is available though, so you are left with the route of emulators. Unfortunately, something for desktop sharing probably will have issues with emulators. Depending on what you are doing though, there are alternatives. So long as you are not locked in to teamviewer, others can likely give you substitutes.

OK, no Teamviewer then. However, how do I share my ubuntu desktop to my PC or laptop, what’s left for doing that. I’ve seen that people use some VCN tools for remote access. I haven’t been able to install them. Any hint in which I could use, fast, easy to install?.

Also I tried to install wine in order to emulate windows programs. However, there is no wine for the the Ubuntu TK1 version. I found q4wine, which is pretty similar, nevertheless, I haven’t been able to run it properly. Any suggestion in my problem. Any hints what program should I use? Ubuntu is driving me crazy.

I have no recommendations there, but since it likely must be compiled on Jetson it also is likely required to be some form of open source. Here’s a nice comparison of remote desktops:

I have some instructions for enabling VNC on Jetson, check the “VNC” section in my earlier post:

Thank you. I successfully did it using these steps from this website.