Jetson Tx2 can't connect to certain routers.

Currently I am working with the TX2 in a autonomous platform. This platform relies on wifi/ros to operate. Anyways, I can connect to the robot’s independent router via wifi, but not my other router with internet. Is this a known issue. I have seen that network manager(NM) can cause issues, and every tenth time I restart NM it will connect to the internet but every other time it fails. Is this a jet pack thing?

I doubt it is specifically a Jetson thing, but NM can be a real pain. When the setup works, and also when it does not work (you may need to restart NM till you get a chance to test under both conditions), what is the output of “ifconfig”, “iwconfig”, and “route”?

The first question is whether the router is actually failing, or if the route naming the router is failing. If all of them show up, then there may be a need to change a metric to give one a priority over the other.

Turns out this was just an issue with my antennas. The cable had a break in the insulation.