Jetson TX2 GPIO Sensor install error

I want to utilize various sensors using j21 and j26 headers.
First, the types of connected sensors are as follows.

MiCS5524 CO / Alcohol / VOC Gas Sensor

High Precision Temperature and Humidity Sensor -SHTC3

SW-420 Vibration Sensor

The GPIO related contents provided by NVIDIA have been implemented as they are, but the value output from the sensor cannot be seen.

hello case333888,

you may access Jetson TX2 Developer Kit User Guide for the description of J21 and J26 headers; please also check Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification for the pinout diagrams.
please refer to documentation, Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header for J21.

Thank you for your response.

However, we have done everything that guided us.

However, GPIO activation does not work.

I would like guidance on how to use GPIP more clearly.

What we want to do

The sensor that works well on the Arduino development board is to be recognized directly by the TX2 GPIO.

please have a try with this python library, which enable the use of Jetson’s GPIOs.

Of course, all of the above guides have been implemented, but are not recognized.

Please ask again. Need more specific guidance.

If there is no more specific guidance, a new writing will be required.

There are so many Linux developers looking forward to it.

It should be possible to extract the value, not simply the LED is on.

hello case333888,

may I know the connection of the MiCS5524.
is there Tx/Rx pin for reading analog data from this sensor?

Yes. All sensors have analog and digital pins.

hello case333888,

you might setup connections through UART for data transmit.
please also access Technical Reference Manual from download center, please check chapter-38 UNIVERSAL ASYNCHRONOUS RECEIVER/TRANSMITTER for more details.

What we want is a comprehensive use of the numerous GPIO pins of the J21 and J26 headers.

In addition to Tx / Rx, I want to recognize multiple sensors using GPIO pins.

For example, I would like to utilize the 16 pins of the J21 header (GPIO 296) and the 9 and 13 pins of the J26 header.

There are six sensors we are going to add.

And still Tx / Rx is not recognized.

If it is difficult to share because it is an internal document, please forward it through an official Korean agency (Hancom).

hello case333888,

please refer to gpio kernel functions, you may have implementation in kernel driver to monitor GPIO pin state.
for example,

static inline int gpio_get_value(unsigned int gpio)
        return __gpio_get_value(gpio);

static inline void gpio_set_value(unsigned int gpio, int value)
        __gpio_set_value(gpio, value);