Jetson TX2 peripherals mapping


A very basic question: my device tree incorporates the following I2C aliases:

i2c0 = "/i2c@3160000";
		i2c1 = "/i2c@c240000";
		i2c2 = "/i2c@3180000";
		i2c3 = "/i2c@3190000";
		i2c4 = "/bpmp_i2c";
		i2c5 = "/i2c@31b0000";
		i2c6 = "/i2c@31c0000";
		i2c7 = "/i2c@c250000";
		i2c8 = "/i2c@31e0000";

Is there some list which correlates the address with the Jetson pin-out or to be more precise which address is utilized for J21?



hello igal.kroyter,

you could refer to the “System Address Map” from the Tegra X2 (Parker Series SoC) Technical Reference Manual.
you’re able to download it from Jetson Download Center,

What actually helped me understand which address the I2C channel which is on the J21 connector was the i2cdetect application.
with respect to
I2C_GP_DAT(General I2C #0 Data 3.3.V) + I2C_GP_CLK(General I2C #0 Clock 3.3.V) are routed to I2C@0xc240000.

So I have added a driver into the device tree under I2C@0xc240000 but the probe function of the driver never get invoked.

What might be the reason?

hello igal.kroyter,

you may disassembler the dtb file into txt file, and check the added driver is included and also the status has enabled.
for example, below commands to convert tegra186.dtb to text file temp.txt.

dtc -I dtb -O dts -o temp.txt tegra186.dtb

Was the tegra186.dtb file supposed to be attached to the message #4?

hello igal.kroyter,

no, it should be the device tree which build and flash by your own.