Jetson TX2 Ubuntu upgrade corrupted

I tried to upgrade the TX2 from the Ubuntu 18.04 version it was on to Ubuntu 20.04 through the integrated commands - without a flash drive. However, now whenever it turns on the Nvidia logo appears then basically just a blinking line at the top left. I am super new to linux and working on a project for school, but I do not know what is going on. When I try to boot into recovery mode the Jetson stops sending any signal out of the HDMI and the led on the mouse stops lighting up. I have a drive that I can flash a new version from, I just cannot get to it.


Just to clarify

  1. Is that a TX2-NX board or a TX2 board? These two are different platforms.

  2. None of our default jetapck ever supports ubuntu 20.04.

  3. Have you ever used sdkmanager to flash your board before?

  1. I am using the TX2 Developer Kit so I believe just TX2 board.
  2. I have not, only an external drive.

Then you should learn how to flash the board first…

I am not sure who taught you that TX2 can “boot from extneral drive and some corruption will be recovered”. It is wrong.

Please prepare a x86_64 ubuntu 18.04 host and use the sdkmanaer to flash the board.

Recovery mode is only for our flash tool (sdkm/ to flash. It is not for some external drive to flash data.

I see, thank you so much!

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