TX2 bootloading issue

I am working with the TX2 platform and had Ubuntu 16.04 on it. In order to shift from ROS Kinetic to Melodic, I upgraded the the Ubuntu version from 16.04 to 18.04 using

sudo do-release-upgrade

The system prompted me to reboot after which the system gets stuck at the bootloader (not even grub). I’ve attached the screenshots below of the screen where it gets stuck.

Screenshot after I try to access a virtual terminal (Alt+Ctrl+F3).

Note- I had uninstalled the whole ROS Kinetic distribution before upgrading ubuntu version.

Hello Kavish Shah,

Nvidia’s customized Ubuntu distributions (L4T) don’t support major upgrades using standard approach. You should use SDK manager instead.

For more information, please see these threads:

Thanks for the reply.

I indeed used the ubuntu mechanism.
Is there a link/ document I could use to use the SDK Manager for the upgrade? Additionally, can a SD card be used to to the SDK Manager to upgrade?

If you follow the first link from my previous reply, there should be some links about SDK manager. I believe third link is what you need - Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

I don’t think that you can use SD card for that. SDK manager is a special software, which should be installed into host PC, not TX2. Host PC should be x86 based. SDK manager isn’t intended to be installed on TX2. You just use it to flash proper L4T build to your TX2 device.

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Yes, what shared by @vlad is correct. Also, there is no sdcard image for TX2 series platform.

Only Nano and NX have sdcard image. But they are not really fully reset method either.
I mean if your system crashed, changing from current sdcard image to another new sdcard image may not really reinstall everything.

Only SDKM has full reset function.

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