Jetson tx2 video playback performance

Hi there.

I am using jetson tx2 and gstreamer to play video.

I am using nvoverlaysink plugin and my video resolution is 1024 x 768.

It works maximum 60fps for now, I wonder how can I play the video higher than 60fps.

Is that maximum performance for display?

Also I am using HDMI port.

Thank you

First, this is bad forum. This VideoCodec forum is for GTX/RTX/Quadro/Tesla … You should ask @ JetsonTX2 forum.

The answer is:

  • If your video is timestamped(PTS/DTS)/configured for 60fps, then 60fps display is OK because video pipeline waiting for right time to display frame.
  • If your question is about raw performance of TX2 decoder (without waiting for PTS/DTS like transcoding video) the answer depends on video resolution, used codec, encoded quality, type of frames (I-P-B) … you should read basic marketing materials or blogs or google - ~2x 4Kp60 == ~8x 1080p60 == ~21x 1024x768 60fps == ~1024x768 1260fps == ~1 000 000 000 decoded pixels per second … (if there are not other performance constraints)