Jetson xavier nx cuda

I reflashed jetson xavier nx using command line interface. Doubt that sdk components like cuda installed along with that. If so how will i check that. When i give nvcc --version in command promt giving that nvcc not found

you could use dpkg:

$ dpkg -l | grep nvcc
ii  cuda-nvcc-11-4                             11.4.315-1                           arm64        CUDA nvcc

if you want to install the CUDA tools, you could use:

sudo apt install -y nvidia-jetpack

$ dpkg -l | grep jetpack
ii  libnvidia-container0:arm64                 0.11.0+jetpack                       arm64        NVIDIA container runtime library
ii  nvidia-jetpack-runtime                     5.1.1-b56                            arm64        NVIDIA Jetpack runtime Meta Package

beware of disk space during that install though, packages are quite large and can easily fill your disk if you boot from eMMC which is only16GB.

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