Jetson Xavier NX, How do I back up and restore external storage?

board info:
Jetson Xavier NX 16 GB-DRAM (P3668-0003)
Jetson Linux 35.1.
/dev/mmcblk1 is the external SD Card(emmc used for sd)mount on the /mnt/public.
Can I back up this area and restore it together while backing up the system on recovery mode?

hello 243953617,

why don’t you use the utility to back-up sd card directly?

Because we want to be able to use the Linux_for_Tegra/) tool to burn the system in one step, format the external memory and recover all the data for mass production.

hello 243953617,

flash script do not support back-up SD card image. you may try with dd commands to copy sd-card content to somewhere else for backing up.

can i modify the flash script to SUPPORT THIS feature?
mounting external storage in recovery mode and then copying the data?

hello 243953617,

no, it’s not supported.
here’s see-also. Clone SD Card - Jetson Nano and Xavier NX - JetsonHacks to clone the SD card image by using dd utility, thanks

Okay, well, I won’t be analyzing the flash script, thank you.

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