Jetson Xavier NX ok for OCR

I search for Hardware and SW devkit to do a realtime OCR optical character recognition system, there should be two or more cameras connected, the camera streams should be processed continually, and the objects with the text to recognise are moving. The text is quite simple,
like “1234 12 1 123 AB-A” the textheight is appr. 5 to 10 cm, so not very challenging regarding language…
Is the Jetson Xavier NX a good choice for something like that ? I havent found any tutorials regarding that, so how much effort is code development here ? I prefer golang, but other languages like py or c is also ok… Thanks for your suggestions!

It looks like you need to run deep learning inference. You may try DeepStream SDK. By default we demonstrate ResNet10 and Yolo models. If you install system image and packages through SDKManager, DeepStream SDK is installed to

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