Jetson xavier nx Pinmux/GPIO Configuration

Hello I don’t know how to calculate this “value”。And According to what document to change this value, change to what, what does this value represent?
I need help,Thanks

Hi sjz_shaohua,

The <value> is for the pinmux register, and you could find more details in the TRM document for your module.

You could also use the following command to read/write pinmux register as following.

$ sudo busybox devmem <address>

$ sudo busybox devmem <address> w <value>

OK,Thank you very much,I see

Another problem:
What do I do if I want to open a pin directly in a configuration file instead of through, such as “aud_mclk”? Thanks

You could modify the pinmux dts directly.
Please share the full flash log for further check.

Hi KevinFFF
I have solved my problem, thank you for your help.

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