K6000 bitdepth issue on CentOS 7.4 with Avenview 2K DP extender


we are having an issue since we moved to 384 and 390 with a K6000 card on a 2k display with a DisplayPort adapter.

We used to run on 346 driver and it worked fine, but since the driver is not supported on CentOS 7.4, we were forced to move to 384 or 390.

Since then we’ve been having color banding issues on the screen. Nvidia-settings will tell you the screen is running at 24 or 30 bit. but the color depth shown on the screen is like 16bit. This results in color bands visible to the eye on rich color grading picture such as a sunset sky.

It is not a monitor problem. The problem lies in between the driver and the Extender.

Using a Standard DP - DP cable doesn’t show the issue.
Using the Avenview FO-DP-25-MM extender shows the issue on 384 or 390 driver. 346 is fine.
Using the Avenview FO-4KDP-25-MM extender doesn’t show the issue on any driver.
The issue is reproducible on CentOS 7.2 and 7.4)
The issue is not seen on 1920x1200, only 2560x1440 sees it.
The monitor used is Eizo CG277W with latest firmware.
The issue can also be seen with older card such as Q6000.
The issue will not be displayed on a rendered image which makes me believe the problem is not on the GFX side.

As said earlier, I believe the issue lies in between the new driver and the extender firmware. I contacted Avenview Support who contacted Nvidia. Nvidia asked for me to open a ticket so they can investigate.

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue?