[kernel] Could I change default clocks?

I have known I can change clocks by using sysfs, and I can adjust performance by jetson_clocks and nvpmodel.
Could I change default clocks (CPU, GPU, peripherals) in dts/dtsi?

Why do you need to change it.

Hello ShaneCCC,
Certainly to avoid doing it during boot time via /etc/rc.local or a custom systemctl. In my case, our application require max-power due to our requirements. I raised a similar question a couple of months ago w/o answers :

https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1056714/max-cpu-gpu-frequency-at-boot/?offset=2 without answers.

Can You pls tell us how to do that.

You may have a modify the file /etc/systemd/nv.sh to try.