Kernel Customization with NVIDIA Jetson Linux 35.5.0

Looking for correct steps to compile & install Linux kernel inside Jetson Orin Dev Kit (64GB).

Got the sources from here - Jetson Linux | NVIDIA Developer
./ -k -t jetson_35.5

I can see 3 folders under sources directory

  1. kernel
    1.a. kernel-5.10
    1.b. nvgpu
    1.c. nvidia
  2. hardware
  3. tegra

Folder dont comes with any script to build/compile kernel.

In the above document section “Kernel Customization”
It ask to run below command -
./ -o $PWD/kernel_out
To note have to copy from 6.0 JetPack, but it again ran into different issue.

Do we have proper guild to build(Inside dev kit) & install the kernel including headers, please share the details.

Come on, bro.
How did you copy this file from 36.3 and think it will work with 35.5…
Use the same version, please.

It was an attempt to see if make any progress.

Release notes & source is out of sync, missing scripts, so there is no way to sync and compile code base.
Please try to download and check what am trying to say.

Did you ever read the document? is only included in the kernel_src.tbz2 tar file that is part of public_sources.tbz2 . If the kernel sources were synced from the Git server, you need to manually copy from the tar file.

I did

I’m 100% sure you are getting with public_sources.tbz2.

thank you for reply, will check and update the thread.

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