Where to get the kernel build script nvbuild.sh from? 34.1.1 DP

So I have followed the steps in the Developer Guide for Kernel Customization to sync the kernel sources to Linux_for_Tegra/sources and downloaded the bootlin toolchain from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-linux/bootlin-toolchain-gcc-93 and extracted it.

The guide says I should run $ ./nvbuild.sh -o $PWD/kernel_out to build the kernel.
Depending if I followed the sync or the manual path I should be directly in the Linux_for_Tegra or the Linux_for_Tegra/source/public directory, while the latter does not exist for me because I used the sync way.

The script does not exist. From where do I get it? It does not exist on my system.

Sorry that source sync will not download it. Need to copy it from the src tarball.

Also, there are several errors in the code from source_sync.sh. It will be fixed in next release. If you want a stable one, please use the src from tarball instead.

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